Credit Cards Overview

Mashreq offers a broad range of credit cards, designed to fit your lifestyle. Our cards provide rewarding experiences, while offering you peace of mind and financial flexibility.
  • Mashreq Dining Credit Card

    The new Mashreq Dining Credit Card makes even your day-to-day dining a rewarding lifestyle experience with fantastic benefits.

  • Mashreq Platinum Credit Card

    The new Mashreq Platinum Credit Card provides you exclusive access to a world of rewarding experiences.

  • Mashreq Titanium Credit Card

    The New Mashreq Titanium Credit Card opens the way to a world of lifestyle privileges allowing you to enjoy the best life has to offer.

  • Mashreq Classic Credit Card

    The new Mashreq Classic Credit Card welcomes you to a world of rewarding experiences like never before.

  • Easy Payment Plan

  • Balance Transfer

    With Balance Transfer (BT), you can transfer your balance from your other bank credit cards onto your Mashreq Credit Card.

  • Easy Cash

    EasyCash allows you to take a loan up to a maximum of your cash limit, hassle-free.

  • Fawry