Mashreq began life as the Bank of Oman, based in Dubai, in 1967. Celebrating its 40th birthday in 2007, Mashreq has grown to its current position as one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Innovation, Consistency and Prudence

Named the "Best Bank in the UAE" by Euromoney magazine in 2006, Mashreq is among the largest financial institutions in the region. Through a winning combination of innovation, consistency and prudence, Mashreq has established itself as a stable, profitable bank for its customers.

Just as the UAE has enjoyed strong and consistent growth in recent decades, Mashreq has continued to expand the range of services it offers to customers, becoming a fixed and highly respected part of the financial landscape for businesses' and individuals' across the country.

Customer Driven Innovation

Mashreq has always prided itself on its innovative, pioneering spirit. Over the past 40 years it has been consistently ahead of the competition in the development of new products and services, whether in foreign trade services, direct banking or comprehensive mortgage products.

Mashreq was the first UAE bank to install ATM cash dispensers, the first to issue debit and credit cards and the first to introduce consumer loans. We continue to lead the way, as the first UAE bank to offer chip-based credit cards and digital point-of-sale readers, alongside innovations such as an investment fund directly linked to the Indian stock market.