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Mashreq ATM Services

Mashreq has one of the largest and most advanced ATM networks conveniently located across UAE. Our ATM network offers customers access to the latest technology, including real time credit of cash deposits, same day clearance for cheques and the convenience of paying utility bills all available 24 hours 7 days per week.

Money Transfer

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Mashreq POS Solutions

With cards becoming deeply ingrained into people’s lives, it has become important for businesses to have fast, secure, flexible and convenient payment acceptance through Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals.

Aligned with market dynamics, Mashreq offers the latest payment platforms for merchants to provide a seamless payment processing facility, while enhancing customer experience and sales through the various add-on services that Mashreq offers – Easy Payment Plans, Salaam Redemptions etc.

Dial-up POS Terminals
Connected to a dial-up connection, these terminals provide fast processing in a secure environment.

GPRS POS Terminals
These terminals provide wireless mobility, which means you can offer your customers the convenience to pay at flexible locations, while also giving your payment terminal wider geographic access.

With the most advanced encrypted security systems, including Chip & Pin capability, Mashreq POS terminals ensure utmost security for the best customer and merchant experience

Why use a Mashreq POS terminal?

  • Works on a PSTN/GPRS line
  • Compliant to all regulations
  • Easy to deploy and faster transaction approval
  • Wireless connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo or 3G to meet any environment requirement
  • Supports NFC/Contactless Payment
  • Security and compliance with end-to-end encryption
  • PCI PED 2.0 and PCI PTS 3.0 approved
  • Accepts cards from all major issuers, including VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay, American Express, JCB and Diners

Utility Bill Payments

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Mashreq Express Payments

Busy check-out counters result in frustrated customers. No one wants that. Meet Mashreq Express Payments that enables you to reduce counter processing time and speed up queues.

Why use Express Payments?

  • No need to print or handle paper receipts
  • Signature is not required
  • Faster transactions
  • Quicker than cash
  • Faster throughput at peak times
  • No fumbling with cash

Without Express Payment

  • Customer makes payment using card
  • Customer waits for the payment slip
  • Customer signs the payment slip
  • .
  • Cashier stores the slip

With Express Payment

  • Customer pays for the purchase using a card
  • Payment gets accepted instantly and customer walks out in no time

Same-day cheque clearance

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Mashreq e-Commerce

Mashreq’s e-Commerce Platform provides cutting-edge technology that enables you to take advantage of the ever growing e-commerce industry, helping you grow your business beyond physical boundaries.

With complete end-to-end solutions, Mashreq helps you increase internet penetration across various technological platforms, including smartphones. This state-of-the-art payment platform offers you the following:

Ease of integration
Application Programming Interface allows seamless communication between different digital platforms, while also giving you the option of platform-specific integration kits to match your requirements.

Convenient checkouts and data security through Tokenisation
Through Tokenisation, your customers can convert sensitive data into a non-sensitive equivalent, referred to as a Token, which has no exploitable value, enabling data security and easy checkouts.

Smart dynamic routing
If a processing gateway is not working, the transaction is switched to another gateway, making sure you never lose a transaction.

How it works

  • Customer registers on the website with card details
  • A token is created for the customer profile, storing card details. These card details are saved on the gateway so merchant has no risk of storing sensitive information
  • Once saved, customer simply logs in and the card details are repopulated for future transactions

Retry option for a declined transaction
A customer will get up to 3 tries to make a transaction if the transaction is declined. This will reduce abandoned transactions, boosting success rates.

Email and SMS based invoice payments

  • CEmail/SMS Payments: Send email/SMS invoices with your logo, information and click-to-pay button
  • Recurring Invoices: Send out invoices on a weekly, monthly, annual basis, or any other specification, automatically by scheduling them as per requirement
  • Bulk Invoices: Reach out to a mass audience using mailers
  • .
  • Multi-Currency Support: Receive payment through invoices across multiple currencies

Social Network payments

  • Create: Use your merchant-dashboard to create your ‘Social Network In-stream Payments’ campaign
  • Publish: Publish the campaign on any social media channel of your choice with your product, service or offer details
  • Collect: Give your customers a single-click access to the mobile-friendly payments page

Power your offline campaigns with QR code payments

  • Create: Create and download the QR code from your merchant account
  • Publish: Print the QR code in newspapers, magazines, posters and other print communications
  • Collect: Your customers can simply scan the QR codes through their mobile phones to access the mobile-friendly payments page

Customised responsive payment pages
Mashreq’s Payment Pages enables you to customise every aspect of your page to align with the look and feel of your website. You can upload your logo, modify the colour scheme and optimise the page for any device. It also enables easy reading and navigation, providing exceptional transacting experience.

Smart Analytics for smarter decisions
Smart Analytics provide reports with complete transparency to give you a 360o view of your business performance. At the same time, insightful data analytics helps analyse performance and maximise your business potential.

Fraud and risk management
With the best risk management engines in the world, you can customise your risk rules based on recommendations from our fraud analysts. The Iterative Rules engine further ensures that we, and your business, are always one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Cash Withdrawal

Balance Inquiry

Print Mini Statement

Cheque Deposit to Credit Card

Cheque Deposit to Account

Cash Advance

Card PIN change

Mobile Number Update

Cash Deposit to Account

Request Statement

Credit Card payment via Account

Cash Deposit to Credit Card

Cheque Book Request

Mobile ATM

To provide ATM services at customer doorstep, Mashreq has introduced Mobile ATM services. For customer convenience and to provide seamless banking services, our Mobile ATM is deployed at remote locations, strategic client locations, gatherings, events, etc.

ATM Safety

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are now an integral part of our day-to-day financial needs. Located at convenient locations like malls and supermarkets, ATMs have simplified personal cash management. While our ATM experiences have gotten better and better over the years, the frequency of ATM frauds has also increased.

For your security, we recommend that you change your ATM PIN regularly. Simply visit any Mashreq ATM and select the "Change PIN" option for an instant PIN change.

Some additional tips to help make your ATM experience more secure:

Signs of damage

Don’t use an ATM if there are signs of damage or tampering.

Cover your hand

Cover your hand when entering your pin number and ensure there is no one overlooking your transaction.

Disclose your pin number

Never disclose your pin number to anyone, Mashreq staff will never ask for your pin number.

Change your pin number regularly

visit any Mashreq ATM and select the "change pin" option for an instant pin change.

Transaction issues

If there is an issue with your transaction contact us immediately or speak to a Mashreq staff member in branch.

Choosing your pin number

When choosing your pin number, use numbers that are difficult to guess, for example avoid your date of birth, consecutive numbers or your phone number.