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Mobile to Mobile

Mobile 2 Mobile :

The simplest way to reimburse any amount, down to the last Fil. No need to visit an ATM or Branch - just use your smartphone Contacts address book. The beneficiary doesn’t even need to be a Mashreq customer – send money to anyone with a valid bank account in the UAE.

My Money Manager

My Money Manager:

This fantastic new tool lets you monitor your spending in major categories such as Food & Dining, Auto and Household Expenses. You can even include your rent & loan payments to stay fully up to date with your budget at a glance.

Cardless Cash

Cardless Cash :

Suppose you forget your wallet at home or just want to help your children who don't have any money with them – Just use our Cardless Cash ATM withdrawal service to take cash from any Mashreq ATM without needing any card. Problem solved.

  • Your relationship with Mashreq at a glance. Get a comprehensive view of our relationship, including current & savings accounts, loans and deposits
  • Get all your Accounts Balances
  • Check your 10 last transactions
  • Transfer money directly
  • Request cheques
  • Review your Statements and E-Statements.
  • Review your entire credit card relationship.
  • Check your 10 last transactions
  • Conduct credit card payments
  • View statement details
  • Block your card
  • Review your Statements and subscribe to E-Statements
  • Allows you to make instant bill payments and wallet top up:
  • li>
  • Phone bills ( Etisalat and Du)
  • Utility Bill payment for the following: SEWA, DEWA, ADDC, AADC
  • Naqoodi wallet top up.
  • RTA – Salik top up
24x7 Support
  • Mashreq , 24x7 support center contact details
  • Mashreq Web page
  • Exchange rates
Money Transfer
  • Instant funds transfer between your accounts.
  • Instant funds transfer within Mashreq
  • Telex transfers
Card Offers
    Enjoy Snapp offers:
  • Dinning offers
  • 0% EPP offers
  • Travel
Salaam Rewards
  • Exclusive Mashreq Salam rewards offers
  • Salam Partners
Locate US
  • ATM locator
  • Branch locator