MashreqMillionaire FAQs

What is the current prize structure?
Mashreq Millionaire Prize Structure for Q1 2016 :
Month Date of Draw Prize Structure



1 Prize of AED 1 million
2 Prizes of AED 100,000

Is there a minimum saving criterion for the AED 1 Million prize?
No. However, a minimum of 5 certificates need to be purchased for every transaction.
All MashreqMillionaire customers will qualify to enter the draw of AED 1 Million. MashreqMillionaire certificates are valued at AED 1,000 each.

How can I save with MashreqMillionaire Savings Certificates?
Saving in MashreqMillionaire Certificates is simple and convenient. You can buy them from any one of the 60+ Mashreq branches across the Emirates, call our 24 hour Direct Banking Center on +971 (4) 424 4444.

Mashreq customers can now save in MashreqMillionaire Certificates online through MashreqOnline.

Who all can save in MashreqMillionaire?
MashreqMillionaire Certificates can be saved in by all holders of a valid resident, visit or transit visa of the U.A.E and all GCC nationals. These certificates cannot be held jointly and are non-transferable

How are the draws conducted?
Each MashreqMillionaire draw is conducted and supervised by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai (or the authorities of the Emirate where the draw is conducted). All certificates are included in all the draws, so, the more certificates you hold, the more opportunities you have to become a MashreqMillionaire.

What happens if I win?
The winning amount is automatically credited to your MashreqMillionaire holding so you are guaranteed to receive the prize money even if you are not immediately available to claim it. Winners are notified by telephone, sms and/or mail. Therefore, please ensure that the Bank has your complete and updated address at all times. As per regulatory requirements the winning prize has to be claimed within 60 days of the winner announcement.

Are there any cancellation charges?
There are no cancellation charges when the MashreqMillionaire Certificates are redeemed after 90 days from date of purchase. For earlier redemption, there is a nominal fee levied on the full or partial quantity of certificates redeemed.

How do I en-cash my certificate(s)?
You can en-cash your certificates in part or full, across the counter at any of the Mashreq Branches. All you need is the original certificate(s) and a valid proof of identity.

Do I have to en-cash my certificates if I need cash in the short term?
No. You need not en-cash your MashreqMillionaire Certificates to meet your short term cash requirements. You can utilize an attractive overdraft facility that allows you to obtain 95% of your original investment against them. This facility is offered at low interest rates and allows you to remain eligible for all the draws. Similarly, if you have 20 or more certificates you are also pre-approved for the MashreqMillionaire Gold Credit Card. The credit card offers a cash advance facility that you can utilize at a low interest rate.