Grand entertainment credit cards

Sign up for a Mashreq Grand Entertainment Credit Card for more benefits than ever before.

From cinema discounts to access to luxury airport lounges and contactless payment features, make savings all year round with the Grand Entertainment Credit Card.

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Grander Movies

Use your Mashreq Grand Entertainment Credit Card to buy 2D, 3D or IMAX cinema tickets at Grand cinemas across the UAE and enjoy a fantastic 50% off. Book online or at the ticket counter, and get exclusive invitations to movie previews and a complimentary food and beverage voucher worth AED 65 each time you spend over AED 5,000 a month.

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Grander Privileges

Hoping to pamper yourself or dine in style? When you sign up for a Grand Entertainment Credit Card, you’ll be treated to exclusive offers in the finest local and international hotels, restaurants, spas and retail outlets. You’ll even have access to airport lounges across Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Grander Technology

Keep up to speed with the latest technology with the Grand Entertainment Credit Card’s contactless payment feature. Make payments under AED 100 without a signature or a PIN – a faster and convenient alternative to cash.

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Grander Flexibility

The Mashreq Grand Entertainment Credit Card makes it easier than ever to manage your money. Use our Easy Payment Plan to ‘buy now’ and ‘pay later’ and with our Balance Transfer, you can transfer your balance from another credit card to your Grand Entertainment card at an attractive interest rate.

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Grander Extras

We like to give our customers extra. That’s why accident care is included with your Grand Entertainment Credit Card. For a nominal monthly fee we’ll offer up to AED 300,000 for accidental loss of life or a permanent total disability. And if you suffer loss of life, permanent disability or loss of employment, our Credit Shield will waive the outstanding balance on your credit card.

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Grander Convenience

We believe managing your money should be effortless. And with our Grand Entertainment Credit Card it is. With online banking and mobile banking at your fingertips, you can check your account details and pay utility bills wherever you are and at a time that suits you.

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Grand Cinemas Locations

Enjoy discounts on the biggest new movie releases at Grand Cinemas all over the United Arab Emirates. You’ll find Grand Cinemas in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah where you can save up to 50% on seeing your favourite movies on the big screen.

Terms & Conditions

If you’d like to find out more about the Mashreq Grand Entertainment Credit Card, you’ll find our terms and conditions here.

Given below is an illustration of your savings:

Ticket Type




Ticket price @ Grand Cinemas AED 60 AED 50 AED 35
Ticket price @ Grand Cinemas for Mashreq Grand card holders AED 30 AED 25 AED 17.50
Your Savings on 8 Grand Cinema tickets per month AED 240 AED 200 AED 140
* Bonus F&B Voucher on Retail spends of  AED 5000 on your Grand card
(You get complimentary F&B vouchers)
AED 65 AED 65 AED 65
Your Savings Per month AED 305 AED 265 AED 205
Your Savings in a Year AED 3660 AED 3180 AED 2460
Value Earned on Your Card 12X 10X 8X

Grand Savings upto 12 times the Annual fee

Spend 0.82 fills per day and save upto AED 3660 per year

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