Mashreq Grand Entertainment Credit Card

Given below is an illustration of your savings:

Ticket Type




Ticket price @ Grand Cinemas AED 60 AED 50 AED 35
Ticket price @ Grand Cinemas for Mashreq Grand card holders AED 30 AED 25 AED 17.50
Your Savings on 8 Grand Cinema tickets per month AED 240 AED 200 AED 140
* Bonus F&B Voucher on Retail spends of  AED 5000 on your Grand card
(You get complimentary F&B vouchers)
AED 65 AED 65 AED 65
Your Savings Per month AED 305 AED 265 AED 205
Your Savings in a Year AED 3660 AED 3180 AED 2460
Value Earned on Your Card 12X 10X 8X

Grand Savings upto 12 times the Annual fee

Spend 0.82 fills per day and save upto AED 3660 per year

Also Compliment yourself with a "Surprise" snack on every Mondays @ Grand Cinema

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