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Getting a loan to meet your needs is straight-forward and convenient. If you need money quickly, then our relationship managers will guide you through the entire process to secure lending with a flexible and clear repayment plan. So if a loan sounds ideal for your current situation, then you're ready to apply for a loan from Mashreq Bank right now.

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Mashreq Personal Loans

Forget about getting a loan calculator, Mashreq offers the most convenient Personal Loan to meet both the planned and unexpected needs for cash that may arise.

At Mashreq, we understand the criticality and the importance of the time factor in your life and hence we’ve improved our process to meet & exceed your expectations with approvals in only 24 hours. A Mashreq Personal Loan also comes bundled with benefits that suits your needs to give you added value. You can review the features and terms of the Personal Loan options that Mashreq has to offer and select the option that is right for you.

Loans FAQs

Basically, it is a financial transaction between two parties: the bank and you – the borrower. Once you request an amount of money from us, the funds will be exchanged physically or electronically upon our mutual agreement with defined terms and conditions. You will then have to pay back the loan in monthly instalments according to the schedule defined at the moment of your application. For the benefit of borrowing money at your leisure, Mashreq adds a competitive interest to lower down your monthly payment. The borrower chooses the amount of interest, however, at the time of deciding how long to repay the debt for. Mashreq interest rates are extremely competitive, though and our aim is on helping our customers to borrow wisely.

Whether you need a new car, want to make an improvement to your home, or are putting it towards your children's education then a loan can help. And you're good to apply with any of those common reasons in mind. In fact, you're perfectly okay to borrow for most things. Still, if you're unsure, call one of our advisors on either +971 4 4244444 (Dubai) or +971 2 6274737 (Abu Dhabi).

The type of loan you apply for will depend on your intended purpose for the money. For example, you would apply for a 24 hour personal loan if you needed to borrow money fast because of an unforeseen car repair. But if you're looking for the security of ongoing financial support – perhaps for a business venture - then a conventional solution with a comfortable repayment period would suit better. We offer a wide range of loan types for you. To make things simple, we've consolidated these into three main categories:

  • Personal Loans in UAE
    Whether you're an Emirati or expat living in UAE, you can get a personal bank loan from Mashreq Bank. We tailor our loan products to cater for the needs of each individual customer and their specific financial profile.
  • Car Loans in UAE
    Whether you're looking to get out on the road or upgrade, your car loan can go up to AED 500,000 with us. And the interest rates start as low as 2.35% p.a. flat.* Refinancing your own car or looking to get a new or pre-owned car is not a problem too, as we understand there any many complex reasons behind needing a car loan.
  • Home Loans in UAE
    You've found your dream home, and then the search begins for the right home loan. But whether you're a UAE resident or an expat living in UAE, or you want to get on the property ladder with a family home or for investment purposes, you can apply with us today. And we have an extensive variety of property-related solutions for you to choose from (including 'construction finance', if you're looking to build your own home on land that you own).

In order to get a loan, you will need to make a clear and detailed application. To qualify, you will also need to provide certain forms of documentation - your eligibility will then depend on the type of financial solution you're applying for. You will then need to provide certain information based on the regulations for taking out a loan in the UAE. This is likely to include your employer; salary; current accommodation and extra income sources. For full details, you can review the information on each specific product page via this website or you can give us a call: +971 4 4244444 (Dubai) +971 2 6274737 (Abu Dhabi) .

The main advantage is that you receive the money you need, as soon as you're approved. The main disadvantage is that you'll owe another party money. So, you need to be sure you can repay that money within the agreed amount of time. Still, they're not the only things to consider. Below, we've listed the major pros and cons.

  • If you're concerned about anything or have any questions which are unanswered here, then you're welcome to call us on the numbers above. We're always happy to help.


  • The best bank loan providers assess your application, and will lend the amount they feel you can realistically pay back based on their assessment.
  • The repayment period is also decided in the same way – so you have a comfortable timeframe in which you can return the money borrowed. Minimum risk is always the priority for both parties.
  • The best bank loans will come with a manageable monthly repayment option.


  • Bank loan rates vary between providers, but nonetheless there is an interest rate applied to every single loan as a standard feature.
    Tip: We'd be more than happy to open an account for you at Mashreq Bank – and so our interest rates are always competitive.
  • There are many reasons why those with a poor credit history are in that situation, from their financial situation (the minimum salary required is AED 5000); to falling behind with debts due to redundancy – and even not having a credit card or loan before, and therefore no lending record for banks to see your reliability with repayments.
    But in this situation, they may find it difficult to obtain a loan and would benefit from expert advice from our team on their next step.
    Tip: Every time you apply and are declined, it registers on your credit report. The more declinations you receive, the more of a risk you appear to other providers. This is why we highly recommend you call us if you have any credit concerns at all:
    +971 4 4244444 (Dubai)
    +971 2 6274737 (Abu Dhabi)
  1. Click on the loan type which appeals to you (personal, car or home)
  2. Read the details on the specific product page
  3. Click 'Apply Now' in the top-right of the specific product page
  4. Fill out the quick application form online and click 'Submit'