Personal Loans

Forget about getting a loan calculator. Mashreq offers the most convenient personal loan to meet both the planned and unexpected needs for cash that arise. In Mashreq we understand the criticality and the importance of the time factor in your life and hence we’ve improved our process to meet & exceed your expectations providing you with a Personal Loan with bundle of benefits that suits your needs within 24h only. You can review the features and terms to select the option that is right for you.

  • Personal Loan Remit

  • Personal Loans in UAE for Expatriates

    Personal Loans from Mashreq are designed specifically with the objective of helping expatriates borrow wisely.

  • Non Salary Transfer Loan For Expatriates | Features & Benefits

    If you are a UAE expatriate, we can offer you generous and flexible personal loans without the need to transfer your salary to Mashreq Bank.

  • Personal Loans in UAE for Emaratis

    Find out more about Mashreq Al-Emarati Propositions, learn what it offers customers such as a current account, credit card, personal loan & home finance.

  • New to UAE/New to Employer

    We provide This program to our customers who are New to UAE or New to Job, with a financial solution to help them settle down financially with a complete peace of mind

  • Buy-out & debt consolidation

    A comprehensive financial solution that includes a buy-out of the current liabilities with all debts consolidated in a single loan with comfortable loan installment

  • Top-up for existing loan customers

    As a valuable Mashreq Personal Loan customer with a good payment history, you can enjoy a Personal Loan Top-up facility with an enhanced limit

  • Personal Loan in UAE for Emarati Pensioners

    This is a program that is specifically designed to suit your needs as your financing needs do not end with your Job life.