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Medical Insurance

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0% Easy Payment Plan

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Over 2,000 hospitals,

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medical insurance
A choice of regional or global plans
We know how everybody’s life is different. That’s why we have tailored your medical insurance to account for whether you need a regional or global plan.
medical insurance
Enjoy this benefit for up to 6 months when you take out your plan.
0% Easy Payment Plan
It’s reassuring to know that your medical provides access to over 2,000 hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
Enjoy a choice of the finest medical providers

Health insurance, created with you in mind.


A worldwide network
Discover a global network of hospitals wherever you are.
Easy access to treatment
Seamless treatment and direct settlement with over 3,000 providers in the UAE and over 800,000 providers globally.
24/7 support
Enjoy 24/7 support from a dedicated team of multilingual customer service professionals.

Disclaimer: Insurance products are offered by renowned international and regional insurance companies. All product features, benefits, and returns are offered by the insurance company and not by Mashreq Bank PSC. Mashreq Bank PSC shall not be responsible for insurance provider's actions or decisions, nor shall Mashreq Bank PSC be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract. Terms and Conditions apply. *Some benefits are sub-limited and/or subject to waiting period.

Still got questions?

Yes, under all their health plans (within the GCC).
Yes, if all past and present illnesses have been declared on the application form. The provider guarantees cover-related treatment up to the amount shown under the pre-existing condition benefit of your plan. Drugs will be covered up to the pharmacy limit.
Yes, treatment of chronic conditions is covered up to the amount applicable as per the chosen plan under the chronic condition benefit, in case the medical condition started after the effective date of your health insurance policy. Otherwise, if it is a pre-existing chronic condition it will be covered under the pre-existing condition benefit of your plan.
Simply contact our customer service team with the details of the proposed treatment and they’ll confirm the cover before any treatment costs are incurred.
All eligible employees should be included under the policy and the evidence for the same must be provided to us for our reference and approval.
Yes, for an additional premium you can include your eligible dependents (spouse and any unmarried dependent children) under your sponsorship. Unmarried dependent children can only be included under the policy until they reach the age of 21, after which they will need to take out their own policy.
Yes, you can visit any medical practitioners within your area of cover, provided they are registered. Use of the network applicable to your plan will minimise delays in settling any claims you may need to make.
The provider, AXA works in the region with a wide network of high-quality medical providers. These fall into four different categories referred to as STAR PLUS, STAR, Diamond and Crystal network. Please contact us for further details.
All eligible reimbursement claims are paid based on the provider’s (AXA) reasonable and customary rates within the GCC. Out of the GCC, AXA Insurance (Gulf) will base the calculation of the reimbursement amount on the average cost of the treatment in that area or country.
If you go outside the AXA network, you can claim reimbursement. However, the payment will be based on an assessment. Please note:
  • Only eligible claims as per the policy terms would be reimbursed.
  • The level of reimbursement would be as per the AXA reasonable and customary rates within the GCC.
  • Out of the GCC, the level of reimbursement would be the average cost of treatment in that area or country.

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