Mashreq insurance
Term Life Insurance

Financial security & peace of mind

with low premiums

A fixed premium

for the entire tenure

Add-on benefits

whenever you want

Flexible policy term

from 1 to 35 years

Protect yourself and your family

Term life insurance is a fixed term solution that can provide both financial protection and peace of mind. If you move to another country permanently, you keep your cover.
Mashreq insurance
Enjoy the reassurance of fixed premiums
It’s good to know that your premium is fixed throughout the whole tenure regardless of your state of health.
Mashreq insurance
Explore the option of tailor-made add on benefits like critical illness, partial disability and permanent and total disability benefits.
Additional protection
Select the specified policy term that suits you best, ranging from 1-35 years.
Choose the term to suit your needs

Get instant insurance

Mashreq insurance
A life insurance that follows you anywhere
Term Life Insurance offers financial protection and peace of mind, even if you move countries. It runs for a fixed period of time and pays a guaranteed cash sum if you die.
Mashreq insurance
Your cover is global and can be moved when you move.
International cover
High cover & low costs
An attractive low cost life cover that runs across a specified term of between 1-35 years and offers high cover.
Simple set-up
It’s easy to set up with minimal documentation and a simple approval process.

Disclaimer: Conditions Apply. The Insurance policy(s) are offered by renowned International and regional Insurance companies, All product features, benefits, returns are offered by the Insurance company and not by Mashreqbank psc. Mashreqbank psc shall not be responsible for Insurance providers actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank psc be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract.

Still got questions?

  • If you need a plan to protect yourself or your family for a specific period of time
  • If you want to protect a loan or a mortgage
  • If you need a simple and effective plan to manage with no cash value
  • Peace of mind that you’re protected from life’s uncertainties
  • A range of additional options to choose from that can protect your income
  • Free terminal illness cover and immediate coverage after signing
The premium is dependent on variable factors like age, gender and other factors. Our specialist would be able to advise.
  • You can pay premiums within five years under “Limited Premium Payment” scheme
  • You can also pay premiums during the selected terms under “Full Term Premium Payment” scheme.
  • You can pay all premiums in one Single Installment in selected plans
You can pay premiums in yearly or half yearly or quarterly or monthly mode
You can pay all premiums by Account Debit or Credit Card through standing instruction
Nomination facilitates settlement of a claim in the event of the unfortunate death of the life assured in favour of the nominee. The same of the nominee should be clearly mentioned in the Proposal/Application Form.
Nomination facilitates settlement of a claim in the event of the unfortunate death of the life assured in favour of the nominee. The same of the nominee should be clearly mentioned in the Proposal/Application Form.
An assignment has the effect of transferring right, title and interest of the policy in favour of another person or institution out of natural love and affection or for valuable consideration or against liabilities or facilities from a bank

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