Mashreq Account & Deposit
Easy Saver Account

Earn attractive interest rates

Save the flexible way

No minimum balance

& zero monthly fees

Automatic & easy saving

with a standing instruction

High interest rate

up to 0.70% p.a.*

*Rates subject to change

No minimum balance or monthly fee

Your Easy Saver Account offers you the benefit of not having to ensure a minimum balance or pay a monthly fee. This makes it very simple and transparent and the perfect way to save with ease.
Mashreq Account & Deposit

High interest rate

Earn up to 0.70% interest p.a. on your savings. Also, withdrawing from your Easy Saver Account one time will not impact your interest 
Mashreq Account & Deposit
A convenient and easy to use savings account
Easy Saver is easy to use and flexible and offers interest on your funds. Enjoy instant account set up if you’re an existing current/savings account holder through MashreqOnline.
Simply sign in to Mashreq Mobile or Online Banking to open your Easy Saver Account
It’s easy and instant.
Free online money transfers
Enjoy one Debit Transaction from your Easy Saver Account per month without effect on interest payment for that month.
A simple savings account that grows
With no Debit Card it means that your hard-earned savings will accumulate.

Save in Dollars or Dirhams

Easy Saver is available in Dollars or Dirhams. To find out interest rates, click here.
Mashreq Account & Deposit


Minimum monthly income
AED 5,000
Mashreq Account
Customers who already hold an active Current or Savings Account with Mashreq Bank
Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

You will need

Absolutely no paperwork! Simply open the account through Mashreq Online/Mashreq Mobile

Terms & Conditions, click here

Are you ready to apply?

Still got questions?

No there is no monthly minimum balance or fee applicable on the Easy saver account.
An Easy Saver Account can be opened in AED (Dirhams) or USD (US Dollars) only
You can enjoy the flexibility of 1 Debit Transaction from your Easy Saver Account in a month without impacting the interest payment for that month. If you do more than 1 Debit Transaction within a month, then interest for that month is forfeited and will not be credited to your account. Standing Order, Loan recovery, Utility Payments & Card Payments are not considered while calculating the number of monthly Debit Transactions.

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