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Your Chat Window to Banking

Talking with us is safe
Talking with us is safe
You can be assured that this is a strictly private messaging forum between you and us. End-to-end encryption means no one else can read our messages, not even WhatsApp.
All it takes to get started is a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hello’. We will send you a verification code and we can soon get chatting.
It’s easy to talk
Reassuringly secure
We are a verified business account, which means full privacy. Look for our reassuring green badge at the top of every chat window.
Simple & clear communication
Mashreq Chat Banking is highly intuitive and very interactive. We will understand most conversations and help you in any way, and at any time of day.

What can you do?

Chat Banking is a 24/7 secure channel that brings you Mashreq’s banking services while you are on the go.

Check your balances
View your latest transactions
Get your Credit Card summary
Temporarily block your card
Get Foreign Exchange Rates
Find an ATM
Apply for products

Still got questions?

Mashreq Bank’s services on WhatsApp or Banking on WhatsApp is a newly launched chat service which can be used for general queries and will not disclose any personal and confidential information. You can also use Chat banking for services like checking your balance or the last 5 transactions, getting your credit card summary etc.
Yes, customers as well as non-customers may access ‘Banking on WhatsApp’ services after registration for the service. Post-registration, unlike customers, non-customer can chat with the bank through WhatsApp for performing banking services like product enquiry, applying for product etc.
Yes, your mobile number is must be registered with Mashreq Bank to access WhatsApp Banking.
The following are features and advantages:
  • 24/7 service
  • Safe and Secure with WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption
  • Informative / Non-critical / non-transactional messages will be sent to customers on WhatsApp along with pictures, videos, documents, smart-links etc.
  • WhatsApp Chat may resolve customer queries instantly in real-time basis which in return may reduce the load at our Bank’s Branches and Customer Care Centre.
  • Since, WhatsApp messenger is popular among customers, it will help us build better engagement with our customers
The pre-requisites for customers using Mashreq WhatsApp banking include:
  • The WhatsApp application must be installed in the smartphone and the user must be registered for WhatsApp.
  • A smartphone with active data network or WIFI connection is required.
  • For utilising Mashreq Bank’s services like Check balance, mini statements, etc. the customer’s mobile number must be registered with Mashreq Bank.
  • WhatsApp Chat may resolve customer queries instantly in real-time basis which in return may reduce the load at our Bank’s Branches and Customer Care Centre.
  • Finally, the WhatsApp application must be registered with the same mobile number.
To initiate chat through WhatsApp, you should send ‘Hi’ to +971-44244744 over WhatsApp and choose from the displayed option to enjoy its services.
You can do the following through Mashreq Bank’s WhatsApp Banking (Chat option):
1. Apply for a product
2. Find nearby services ( ATM & Branch )
3. Check your Account Balance
4. Temporarily block your Card
5. View your last 5 Transactions
6. Request a Cheque Book *
7. View FX Rates
8. Contact Customer Support
9. Register a complaint
We are constantly improving  our services to enhance your banking experience. So please expect more innovative and useful services in the future that will make your banking convenient and easy.
Yes, all conversations are secure and encrypted. To ensure that you are talking to Mashreq Bank on WhatsApp, look for the green badge next to Mashreq Bank’s name which confirms that this is a verified business account.
Mashreq will never ask you to share your personal information or Card/ Account numbers via WhatsApp. Depending on your enquiry, you may be asked to input only the last 4 digits of your Card or Account number.
It is mandatory that the mobile number registered with the bank, mobile number from which a missed call is given and the mobile number at which WhatsApp is registered must be unique. To update your mobile number, visit any nearest branch of Mashreq Bank.

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