Personal Loans For Emiratis

A Personal Loan for all your needs

And all within 24 hours

Up to AED 3M

High Loan amount

Up to 120 days

Repayment holiday

Competitive interest rates

And fast approvals

Additional funds when you need them

A solution for planned or unexpected expenses, renovating your home, higher education, a dream wedding or any other need. Mashreq Personal Loan for Emiratis is the answer to anything that needs additional funds.

Apply for a Mashreq Personal Loan for Emiratis today and make your dreams come true.

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Comfortable repayment
Enjoy attractive repayment loan tenures of up to 48 months and up to 60 months for employees of the Armed Forces.
happiness account
Discover our Happiness Account which offers a guaranteed joining bonus and a host of other benefits.
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Top Up Facility
For those who already have existing loans, we provide a convenient top up facility to get additional funds
Islamic Finance Options
We offer an Islamic Finance option to reflect your lifestyle.
Online Access
Access to Online and Mobile Banking anytime, anywhere.
Installment Postponements
Our Installment postponement option offers you more flexibility.

The perfect loan for UAE Nationals

Our Personal Loans for Emiratis offer high loan amounts at attractive interest rates and convenient repayment options. We aim to provide a Personal Loan within 24 hours with a host of other benefits.


Minimum monthly salary
AED 10,000
Nationality should be UAE on Emirates ID
21 years old and above

You will need

A Valid Passport Copy & Original EID
Salary Transfer Letter from employer (Mashreq format) or Salary Certificate for Government / Semi-Government companies
Last 3 months bank statement with salary credits / UAEFTS customer’s consent for bank statement
Terms & Conditions. To find out more, click here.

Are you ready to apply?

Still got questions?

You can use proceeds of a Mashreq Personal Loan for all your planned and unexpected needs: For example:
  • Consolidate debts, such as combining multiple credit cards or other debts into one loan
  • Plan a vacation with family / friends
  • Renovate your home
  • Plan that grand wedding
  • Fund self / child’s education needs
  • Attend to medical needs
  • Invest in lucrative opportunities
  • Interim Needs
  • Property purchase in your Home Country / Overseas*
* As per the UAE Central Bank Guidelines, if a customer takes out a home loan in the UAE, for a UAE property, the customer cannot avail a Personal Loan to fund the down payment of the property purchase.
Yes, to get a Personal Loan for Emiratis, you need to transfer your salary to Mashreq.
No, you don't need to keep any assets as a security against your loan.
Minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000
Salary needs to be transferred to Mashreq
Employer needs to be part of the approved list of companies with Mashreq
The loan installment along with the overall regular monthly installments should not exceed 50% of the monthly salary.
Terms and condition apply
Now that you have decided to avail a Mashreq Personal Loan, you may walk into a nearest Mashreq branch; alternatively, you can call us on 04-424 4444 or apply online at Mashreq.com or send a SMS “UAEN” to 4250 and our bank representative shall guide you further.
Mashreq offers Personal Loans up to 20 salary multiples, max AED 3 million.
Upfront costs related to a Personal Loan are Processing fees and Insurance fee.
The minimum tenure for Personal Loan is 6 months and the maximum tenure is 48 months. For employees of the Ministry of Defense the maximum tenure is up to 60 months.
Our interest rates are competitive and are charged on a reducing balance, to know more about this get in touch with our bank representative.
EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is calculated based on the total amount of your loan, the loan tenure, 1st due date and the annual interest rate.

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