Doctors Loans

A loan for doctors

that meets their needs


Up to EGP 1 million

loan amount

Flexible repayments

Up to 9 years tenor

Up to 48 hours


Understanding your needs

At Mashreq Bank, we understand the demands of doctors in practice and doctors in business and we offer loans to meet those specific needs.

Are you ready to apply?


High loan amounts
Up to EGP 1 million
Flexible repayment period
Up to 9 years
Fast approvals
Our fast processing means that approval can take as little as 48 hours

You will need

A valid national ID
A recent Utility Bill
Syndicate's ID
Certificate of participation in the profession


Minimum Monthly income
Minimum monthly income EGP 11,000
Company Approval Status
Not mandatory to be employed by an approved company for eligibility.
Employment term
Minimum of 2 years length of service or 'Confirmed' with the current employer

Still got questions?

The minimum income for a Doctor's Loan is EGP 11,000.
The maximum loan amount is EGP 1 million. T&Cs Terms apply.
The maximum repayment period for a Doctor's Loan is up to 9 years.
Yes, you can apply if you are doctor in business or practice.

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