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Dream Saver Account

Make your dream and save for goals

With great interest rates

Savings for your dreams

1.00% fixed interest rates

Paid at maturity

No minimum amount required

Simply start saving

Enjoy 1.00% fixed interest rate

With Mashreq Dream Saver Account, you will enjoy a fixed interest rate of 1.00% (subject to change) which will help you build your savings to meet your dream.
Mashreq Account & Deposit

Monthly interest

As you save with Dream Saver, interest is accrued on a monthly basis. This is paid to you at the end of maturity. This regular monthly interest helps achieve your dreams and goals.
Mashreq Account & Deposit

It’s easy to start with no minimum amount

Saving is easy with Dream Saver. There is no need for a minimum starting amount. You can simply start saving from day one to achieve your goal and realise your dream.
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Mashreq Account & Deposit
You dream, you save, you get
Whether it's planning to buy a car or go on holiday, Dream Saver offers the flexibility to choose your 'dream' and select the tenure and savings option to meet your goal.
Mashreq Customers can set up Dream Saver account online, or simply walk into any Branch.
It’s easy for Mashreq Customers.
Saving for goals
Choose your goal and initial deposit. The tenor is for 120 months and there’s absolutely no penalty if you withdraw your funds earlier*. *T & Cs apply
It’s easy to grow your savings
No fees or charges. No teller transactions. Your savings simply grow.


Minimum deposit
There is no minimum deposit
Visa & other requirements
UAE residence holders who already hold an active Current or Saving Account with Mashreq Bank
21 years and above

You will need

Absolutely no paperwork! Simply apply through MashreqOnline. Login.
Terms & Conditions, click here.
Dream Saver

Let’s set up your Dream

What’s your dream

Yours Savings Goal


Months to Save


Monthly Contribution


Accrued Interest*


Interest - Fixed rate 1.00%**

*You will get additional to your accumulated monthly contribution **Interest is subject to change

Are you ready to apply?

Still got questions?

There is no minimum amount defined in order to open Dream Saver.
DreamSaver can be opened in AED (Dirhams) only.
You need to have an active Current and/or Savings account with the bank in order to apply for a Dream Saver.
Existing Mashreq customers holding Current or Saving accounts can open Dream Saver online through MashreqOnline only.
There are no fees or charges applicable on Dream Saver.
Yes you will earn interest for the duration the funds have remained with the bank. However, the bank has the right to apply without any prior notice a premature withdrawal fee which will be the interest applicable for the total period for which the deposit has run less applicable penalty.
The interest on the Dream Saver is accrued monthly on the principal and credited on liquidation/maturity to the same account. The principal+interest is then transferred to the destination account chosen by you at the time of setup
You can apply for a Dream Saver using Mashreq Online only.

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