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Money Transfer

Enjoy the convenience of transferring money through Online Banking anytime and anywhere.
Transfer within Mashreq
It’s complimentary to transfer money to your own Current or Savings Account, and it’s instant.
Local Money Transfer
It takes just a few clicks to transfer AED or USD to any UAE Bank Account.
International Money Transfer
The most reliable and cost-efficient way to quickly send money home or anywhere in the world.
Quick Remit
A faster and more economical way of sending money home, and your money is transferred within minutes.

Manage your Cards

All your Credit Card needs are now taken care of in a few clicks.
Credit Card Installment Plans
Book Instant Cash, Balance Transfer and Easy Payment Plan.
Credit Card Application
Arrange new Credit Cards with just few clicks.
Credit Card Payments
Easily pay any locally issued Credit Cards.
Card Services
Activate/block cards or Set Pin/limits and more.


With Mashreq, it’s so easy to track and manage your Wealth Portfolio.
Mashreq Securities
Stay connected to UAE’s financial market wherever you go.
Foreign Currencies
Foreign currency account opening made easy with Mashreq-Online
Gold Edge
Buy gold currency online without worrying about storage and security.
Other Investments
View your International Equities, Bonds and more…
Get Instant Fixed or Unfixed Deposits

Bill Payments

Paying your bills just got easier with Mashreq.
Etisalat, DU
Salik, Noqodi
Charity Payments

Key Features

Whatever your bill, it’s now even easier to pay using Mashreq Mobile.
Profile Update
Keep your important contact details up to date in a simple way.
Cardless Cash
Withdraw cash at any Mashreq ATM without using your card.
Standing Instructions
Pay your utility bills automatically at the frequency of your choice.
UAE Direct Debit System
A UAE Central Bank initiative that bypasses traditional cheques, late payment fees and stress.
Update your ‘Know your Customer’ (KYC) details to avoid account restrictions.

Apply for Products

It’s never been easier to access Mashreq’s wide range of of innovative Bank products.
Key Features
Mashreq Millionaire
Stand a chance to win AED 1 Million every draw.
Discover the most anticipated savings product in its category.
Max Saver
An account that makes saving easy and rewards you with periodic interest.
Step-Up Saver
A fixed deposit that accelerates your savings so the longer you save; the more interest you earn.

Still got questions?

You can access Mashreq Online Banking at
Simply follow the below steps if you have an active Debit/Credit Card:
  • Go to and click "sign Up"
  • Choose OTP or TIN
  • Fill the required details (Card number, CVV, Date of Birth)
  • Create User ID and Password of your choice keeping the rules in mind
  • After successful User ID & Password creation, you can login to online banking
If you already have the Online Banking User ID and password then no need to register.
If your Debit or Credit Card is not active, contact Mashreq Call Centre on +9714 4244-444 to activate Debit or Credit Card so you can create your Online Banking User ID and Password
If you don’t have any Credit or Debit card and would like to create your Online Banking login credentials, please contact the Mashreq Call Centre on +9714 4244-444 for assistance.
To reset your password, follow the steps below:
  • On the Login page, click Forgot Password option
  • Select how you want to receive the authorisation code - either OTP or TIN
  • Enter your User ID and active Primary Credit Card or Debit Card number
  • Enter the authorisation code sent to your registered mobile number
  • Create new password of your choice
A variety of day-to-day banking operations can be carried out through Online Banking:
  • Account Details - Dashboard view of all your relationships with Mashreq bank like your accounts, deposits, and much more
  • Fund Transfer- Transfer money between your own accounts, to other Mashreq accounts to any local bank or international bank account
  • Bill Payments - Pay your Utility Bills, Credit Card (Mashreq & Non Mashreq Card), Etisalat & DU bill payment, Salik Recharge
  • Service Requests - You can request for a new Cheque book, apply for a Credit Card, request replacement of Debit/Credit Card, redeem loyalty points or apply for an installment plan on your Card amongst other things
  • Investment Services - You can view your complete investment Portfolio held with the Bank, Create Deposits, buy Mashreq Millionaire Certificates and even open a Saver/Dream Saver Account
Once, a beneficiary is successfully registered activation of the same takes some time. This period is called a cooling period. During this period, a fund transfer is not allowed and helps prevent fraudulent transfers. Currently the cooling period at Mashreq is 6 hours.
It's easy. You can use Mashreq Online to transfer your money either locally or internationally using following simple steps:
  • Once logged in to Mashreq Online, select 'Money Transfer' from the menu
  • Select your preferred type of transfer
  • Select an existing beneficiary or add a new one
  • Enter the transfer details and it’s good to go!
Yes. You can set up a Standing Instruction to transfer funds from your bank account to:
  • Another account belonging to you
  • Another Mashreq account
  • Local Transfer
  • International Fund Transfer
To convert credit card purchases into installments, you first need to identify the specific transaction that you wish to convert into installments or EPP (Easy Payment Plan). To do that:
  • Log into Online Banking and click on your Credit Card number select to view your Credit Card transactions
  • Once you have located that specific transaction, you will see a ‘Convert To Easy Payment’ link next to it. Click on it to view a list of transactions eligible for EPP
  • Select the tenure period to convert the purchase amount in installments. The interest rate, the monthly installment amount, and the total amount payable will be automatically generated before you confirm
  • The first installment will be debited from your account at the end of the same month that you applied for the service.

If you are paying high interest on your Credit Cards from other banks, you can save money by simply transferring the balance onto your Mashreq Credit Card at remarkably low interest rates.

  • Log into Mashreq Online
  • Click on Balance Transfer banner under special offers
  • Enter other bank card details
  • Enter requested amount and repayment tenure
  • Click confirm

Credit Cards

  • Mashreq Cards
  • Non-Mashreq Cards
It’s easy. Just follow below steps to view, buy or encash your Certificates
  • Log into Mashreq Online
  • Select New Account Opening > Mashreq Millionaire Certificate

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