Our Partners

Mashreq is proud to collaborate with:

Fujairah Police

Mashreq was honored to collaborate with Fujairah Police - Dibba Police Station for a very unique event celebrating the vast unity and diversity of the UAE, in its Year of Tolerance. Organised at the Fujairah Police Headquarters, under the banner of Zayed Forum of Tolerance, the event recognised and rewarded people from different walks of life. These long-term residents of Fujairah were given gifts and certificates to recognise their contributions and commitment to serve the country.

Dubai Police

Mashreq has organised two exhibitions displaying the craftmanship of the inmates from the Correctional Facility. These are day-long events where various handmade items are on sale within the Mashreq offices and the money raised helps offer future financial stability for the inmates.

The Red Crescent Society of UAE

Mashreq has constantly supported the various social causes launched by the Red Crescent. Monetary donations have been collected online from Mashreq staff members for the Japan and Pakistan earthquakes.

Dubai Cares

Mashreq has continuously been supporting Dubai Cares by providing them a permanent position on our online banking portal – Mashreq Online as a charity partner. Customers and Mashreq staff members have direct access to donating money to the organisation all year long.

Beit Al Khair Society

Mashreq has partnered with Beit Al-Khair Society, a humanitarian beneficial entity established in 1989. The Beit Al-Khair Society aims to aid the poor and vulnerable including widows, patients, low-income families, and the families of disabled and special needs. This includes orphans and many others, through partnerships with various charitable and social organizations within the UAE. Beit Al Khair sets up kiosks regularly at Mashreq offices to provide employees information on the various on-going charitable programs & impart learnings on how to continue lending support.

Dar Al Ber Society

Mashreq has partnered with Dar Al Bar Society which has been implementing many charitable projects in Arab and Islamic countries. The society has been spreading a spirit of social solidarity among Muslims, despite the distance between them. Some key projects are: allocating endowments for charity, building orphanages, building schools and colleges & implementation of Ramadan Fasting Project. Mashreq recently organized "The Orange Envelope Campaign", in collaboration with Dar Al Ber Society, through which AED 1 million were provided to the needy.

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