The Journey to Rise Every Day

As pioneers in the UAE’s banking sector, we share our rich heritage and culture with the people of this nation. Since our inception in 1967, we’ve come a long way and achieved many milestones globally in our 55-year journey. Today, we celebrate our key achievements that have contributed greatly to our growth and success as your most trusted bank. Watch here and discover more.

Mashreq was founded in Dubai, 1967, and can be traced to humble origins as the oldest bank in the UAE. Today, Mashreq celebrates over five decades of excellence, and has emerged as one of the leading financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with strong presence through its international offices spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and the US, as well as financial capitals of the world.

The creativity and unsurpassed reputation of the bank to provide innovative solutions has garnered the bank with several awards over the years. Mashreq constantly creates value-added products and services and continues to win accolades from recognized industry bodies. In 2022, the bank received a number of awards that included, the ‘Most Innovative Bank in the Middle East’ from Euromoney. This is testament to a winning combination of innovation, consistency and prudence and becoming established as a stable, profitable bank for its customers.

Innovation, Consistency and Prudence

Just as the UAE has enjoyed strong and consistent growth in recent decades, Mashreq has continued to expand the range of services it offers to its valued customers. Unsurprisingly, Mashreq has become an integral part of the financial landscape for businesses and individuals across the country.

Customer Driven Innovation

Mashreq has always been a first mover and has prided itself on its innovative, pioneering spirit to deliver products that meet customers’ ever-changing needs. From its very beginnings, Mashreq has led the development of new products and services, whether in foreign trade services, direct banking or comprehensive mortgage products, making it a leader in the financial services field. Noteworthy examples include Mashreq becoming the the first UAE bank to install ATM cash dispensers, the first to issue debit and credit cards and the first to introduce consumer loans. Mashreq also continues to lead the way, as the first bank in the United Arab Emirates to offer chip-based credit cards and digital point-of-sale readers, alongside innovations such as an investment fund directly linked to the Indian stock market.

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