Mashreq x Argentine Football Association

Regional Bank Partner of Argentine Football Association in the Middle East and Egypt

For the first time ever

We are proud to announce a new partnership with the Argentine Football Association. This partnership with the AFA officially makes Mashreq the first and exclusive regional bank sponsor of the Argentine Football Team in the Middle East and Egypt region. Football as a sport has the power to bring people together from all around the globe and together, we look forward to inspiring more people to Rise Every Day.

A historic opportunity

Since the Argentine Football Association has landed in the Middle East, football fans all around the vibrant region will have the opportunity to witness history in the making with the great Argentinean Football players. Together with AFA, Mashreq has the opportunity to connect with and inspire millions of people to Rise Every Day.

We are ready for an action-packed year of inspiring glory. Are you?

Stay tuned for more !

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