Happiness Account

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in a few minutes

International online transfers

Free of charge

Salaam Points worth AED 25

for 5 or more online/mobile transactions monthly

Get rewarded with Salaam Points

Every time you make 5 online or mobile transactions per month, you will be rewarded with AED 25 worth of Salaam Points which can be redeemed for travel tickets or instantly at our partner outlets and brands.

Complimentary international money transfer

Your Happiness Account allows you the freedom of making international money transfers with no charge. This gives you flexibility worldwide.
More happiness with Happiness

Enjoy a range of benefits like Salaam points, free remittances and 2 for 1 deals on food, entertainment and shopping when you use your Mashreq VISA Debit Card.

Make the most of your Mashreq VISA Debit Card with VISA MENA offers powered by The Entertainer - 2 for 1 deals on food, entertainment and shopping - Discounts across 5,000 restaurants - Travel discounts Terms & Conditions apply
No minimum balance required
If you transfer your salary of AED 10,000 or more into this account
Open your account instantly
It’s simple to open. All you need is your Emirates ID

You will need

A valid Passport
A valid Emirates ID
And fill in the digital application form

Are you ready to apply?


Minimum Salary
AED 10,000
UAE residence holder/Emiratis
Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

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The eligibility criteria for the Mashreq "Happiness" Account is a minimum salary transfer of AED 10,000 to the Happiness Account.

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Monthly Salary Joining Bonus for
Online Applications
Joining Bonus for
Non Online Applications
AED 10,000 - AED 24,999 AED 500 AED 200
AED 25,000 - AED 49,999 AED 1,000 AED 500
AED 50,000 and above AED 2,000 AED 1,500

Online Applications refers to Accounts that are self- opened through www.mashreq.com/happiness Non-online Applications refers to Accounts that are opened using methods other than ‘Online Applications’.

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With effect from 1st September 2021, the Joining Bonus will be paid by credits to the Happiness Account in 12 equated monthly installments over a period of 12 months (subject always to a valid salary transfer to the Happiness Account of minimum AED 10,000 within the range given in the above table, during each of the 12 months post 1st salary transfer in Happiness Account). Each monthly pay out will occur within the next calendar month after each salary credit into the Happiness Account.

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'Mashreq Bank" is authorised to debit the Customer’s account towards claw back of the Joining Bonus provided to him/her in case of any of the following reasons: - An existing salary transfer account has been closed & a New ‘Happiness Account’ has been opened or - Stoppage of monthly salary transfer to the ‘Happiness Account’ for any 2 consecutive months within 12 months of the first salary transfer after opening of the Happiness Account.

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If your existing Mashreq Account was opened after April 2016 and if you start to transfer a minimum salary of AED 10,000 then you will be eligible for all benefits of the Happiness Account including the joining bonus. If your existing Mashreq Account was opened prior to April 2016 and if you start to transfer a minimum salary of AED 10,000 then you will be eligible for all benefits of the Happiness Account excluding the joining bonus.

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If the combined minimum average balance on your account falls below AED 3,000 or equivalent in other currencies i.e. “monthly minimum balance”, you will be charged a “fall below fee”. Please click here to know more on how to avoid getting charged.

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A salary transfer will only be recognized by Mashreq if it is credited to the account by the Customer’s employer registered in UAE using the correct channel and method recognized by the Bank. A remittance, direct transfer, cash or cheque credit transaction by the Employer will not be considered as a salary transfer transaction and will lose the eligibility of any benefits defined under this campaign. An erroneous salary transfer description could also result in the non-payment of the cash joining benefit.

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In order to be eligible for the monthly Salaam points benefit, you need to do an aggregate of 5 utility bill payments and international remittance transactions in a month, executed via Mashreq Online/Mashreq Mobile e.g. - 3 utility bill payments + 2 international remittance transactions or - 4 utility bill payments + 1 international remittance transaction or - 5 utility bill payment transactions We will recognize the 5 unique payments basis payments made to unique beneficiaries. Example: • Such payment could be to 3 different mobile numbers – will be considered as 3 payments since the beneficiaries are 3 different mobile phones • Such beneficiaries could be payment to 2 different car Salik payments – will be considered as 2 payments since the beneficiaries are 2 different cars The Salaam points will be credited to your account in the first week of the month for transactions conducted in the previous month. This monthly benefit is applicable to both New & Existing salary transfer customers only if there is a valid salary transfer to the account, minimum of AED 10,000, during the same month.

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The fee benefits from this account will be in the form of reversals. If you qualify for the benefits, i.e. have your salary transferred to the account, the same would be reversed by the end of the month. ​The correspondent bank charges will not be reversed (if applicable) in the case of international remittance transactions. The remittance fee waiver is applicable on international remittance transactions conducted via Mashreq Online/Mashreq Mobile only.

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