Sweep Current Account

it’s easy & automatic

Interest bearing

for balance above AED 50,000

No penalties

access your funds anytime

Access to 1.8 million ATMs

In 200 countries

Automatic Interest

Earn interest automatically on unused funds above certain threshold without locking your money away.

Access your funds with ease

You accumalate interest, not penalties. You have the freedom to access your funds whenever you want. Withdraw funds anytime using Branches, ATMs, Mashreq Online and Mobile Banking.

Worldwide access

Your current account takes you anywhere in the world. Access your funds with ease in over 200 countries and through 1.8 million ATMs.
Earn automatic interest
A current account that lets you earn automatic interest on unused funds without locking your money away for a fixed time period. Simply maintain the minimum balance of AED 50,000.
Free online, mobile & telemarketing access and up to 6 manned transactions per month
Convenience that suits your lifestyle.
Earn Interest

Get 0.25% per annum interest on balances above AED 50,000. Interest is accrued daily and paid at the end of the calendar month.

Easy access to funds anywhere, anytime
Enjoy the flexibility to use your money anytime through Debit Card or Cheque

Easy account set-up

You need an initial balance of AED 3,000 to set up your account. Then you can enjoy your first complimentary Debit Card free of charge. If you require a Cheque Book, please login to Mashreq Online/Mashreq Mobile or visit your nearest ATM to request for the same.


Minimum monthly income
AED 5,000
UAE residence visa holders only
Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

You will need

A valid Passport
A valid Emirates ID
And fill in the application form

Are you ready to apply?

Still got questions?

If the combined minimum average balance on your account falls below AED 3,000 or equivalent in other currencies i.e. “monthly minimum balance”, you will be charged a “fall below fee”. Click here to know more on how to avoid getting charged.

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A manned transaction refers to a transaction made in the branch of the bank. It does not include transactions made on an ATM/CCDM.

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The Sweep Current Account is available in Dirhams only.

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Interest on Sweep Current Account is calculated on balances above AED 50,000. For e.g. if you have AED 65,000 in your Sweep Current Account, you will earn interest on AED 15,000.

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Sweep Current Account is a great way to let your excess money work for you! Whenever your Sweep Current Account balance crosses the AED 50,000 mark, the excess funds (in units of AED 1,000) are automatically transferred (or swept out) into a deposit account.

An interest of 0.25% per annum is paid out to you monthly on this deposit.

When the balance in your Sweep Current Account falls below AED 50,000, the excess funds in the deposit account are automatically transferred (or swept back in) into your Sweep Current Account to bring the balance back up to AED 50,000. The amount remaining in the deposit account(s) continues to earn interest.

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A sweep current account allows you to earn interest on excess funds in the (current) account.

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As the name implies, the Sweep Current Account offers the all the advantages of a current account, and more! You can access/withdraw all your funds at any time. Until you do, you also earn interest on excess funds (above AED 50,0000).

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While you can open only one Sweep Current Account, every time the balance crosses AED 50,000, a new deposit account (in units of AED 1,000) will get created for you.

The withdrawal mechanism is Last In First Out i.e. if and when the Sweep Current Account balance falls below AED 50,000, the last deposit account that was created will be the first one from where the funds will be ‘swept out’ and back in to your Sweep Current Account.

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