Step-up Saver Account

Enjoy high interest rates.

High interest

Month on month

Interest accumulated monthly

Paid on maturity (on the 18th month)

Premature withdrawal charge

Very low

High interest month-on-month

Your Mashreq Step-Up Saver Account helps you accumulate healthy savings. Your interest accelerates month-on-month. You receive interest starting from 0.05% per annum in month 1 going up to 2.00% per annum in month 18 on the balance of your deposit. You will receive a cumulative interest of 0.90% at the end of the 18 month tenure.

Step up Saver

Interest accumulated monthly

A variant of the Fixed Deposit with rates that accumulates interest on a monthly basis and credits the amount after an 18 month maturity on liquidation.

Enjoy lower premature withdrawal charges

We keep the premature withdrawal charges to the absolute minimum. A penal rate of 0.5% is charged on the interest applicable for the total period for which the deposit has run.

Step up Saver

Deposit Amount


Interest on Maturity


The tenor is fixed for 18 months.

- In case of a premature withdrawal of funds from the Step Up Saver, a penalty rate of 0.5% is applied, i.e. the interest applicable for the total period for which the deposit has run, less the applicable penalty - Terms and conditions apply

Step up Saver
Supercharge your savings
Your Mashreq Step-Up Saver Deposit Account allows you the flexibility and convenience to step-up your savings with higher returns. Supercharge your savings with a maximum of 2% per annum interest rate on your deposit amount.
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Existing Mashreq customers can invest
Minimum deposit amount required is AED 10,000
Fixed tenor of 18 months
The deposit is automatically renewed in the absence of maturity instructions.
Free Online, Mobile & Telebanking access
There are several methods to access funds wherever you are in the world.


Minimum investment
AED 10,000
Mashreq Account
Customers who already hold an active Current or Savings Account with Mashreq Bank
Must be 18 years old and above. A minor (below the age of 18) can apply along with a guardian.

You will need

A valid Passport
A valid Emirates ID or last two months bank statement from your country of residence (if you are a non-resident)
And fill in the application form

Are you ready to apply?

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The minimum amount required is AED 10,000.

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The Step-Up Saver can be opened in AED (Dirhams) only

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Month Annual Interest Rate Month Annual Interest Rate
1 0.05% 10 0.50%
2 0.10% 11 0.55%
3 0.15% 12 0.60%
4 0.20% 13 0.70%
5 0.25% 14 0.80%
6 0.30% 15 0.90%
7 0.35% 16 1.00%
8 0.40% 17 1.50%
9 0.45% 18 2.00%
Rates are subject to change

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In case of a premature withdrawal of Step-Up Saver, a penal rate of 0.5% is charged on the the interest applicable for the total period for which the deposit has run.

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