Foreign Currency Accounts

Flexibility across all major currencies

Convenient & easy banking

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Instant account opening

Fast & simple


Global banking

Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

Both available

Multi-currency support

Your Account realises the potential of global banking. All major currencies are supported including EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY and SAR.
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Enjoy unrestricted transactional banking
Your Foreign Currency Account gives you the freedom to make transactions on a day-to-day basis that meet your needs.
Account Deposits and Withdrawals
This service allows you to withdraw and deposit cash from your account in any of our local branches easily.

Still got questions?

Login to Mashreq Online
Select ‘Foreign Currency Account’ under ‘New Account Opening‘
Select the currency in which the account is required
The IBAN and account number are instantly generated and shared via your registered email address

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Was this useful?

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