Salary Protect Insurance

Coverage for your loved ones

Monthly benefits are available for both insured & spouse

Wider range of benefits to choose from

Monthly benefit ranges from 2,000 to 20,000 AED

Higher coverage period

Benefit period can be 5 year or 10 year

Monthly payout benefit is available in case of

Loss of life due to accident
Dismemberment, loss of sight, hearing or speech due to accident
Permanent total disability due to accident

Salary protect - A true friend

Unforeseen circumstances can strike at any time. Let such unfavourable events, not impact your near & dear ones . Assured monthly benefit payout in case of death/disability due to accident.

Benefit & convenience together

Hassle free renewal up to the age of 75 without any medical test. Enjoy complementary second medical opinion for insured member.

Disclaimer: The insurance policy of the product is underwritten by MetLife and the insurance coverage that the policy provides shall be at all times subject to the terms and conditions of the policy contract issued by MetLife. MetLife Terms and Conditions apply. All product features, benefits and returns (if applicable) are offered by MetLife and not by Mashreq Bank PSC. Mashreq Bank PSC shall not be responsible for MetLife’s actions or decisions nor shall Mashreq Bank PSC be liable for payment of claims or services under the policy contract issued by MetLife.

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