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Life has many milestones, save today

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Systematic savings

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Dollar cost averaging

strategic investment

Fund switching

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Mashreq insurance
Systematic savings
Saving has never been easier. Enjoy the most convenient and effective way to invest with automatic and regular payments which are manageable.
Mashreq insurance
The strategic way to save which does not require a lump sum investment. Simply invest fixed dollar amounts at regular intervals to maximise on your savings.
Dollar cost averaging
Mashreq insurance
To maximise your savings, it’s good to know that you can fund switch to move your investments from one fund to another within one plan. This gives you the opportunity to get better returns
Fund switching
Saving solutions safeguard the future

Flexible solutions that can change to meet your personal circumstances and offer a range of investment funds allowing you to employ investment strategy whilst reaching your desired goals.

To ensure that you choose the best policy for your needs, we offer you a comprehension selection. This gives you the freedom to plan your savings effectively.
Choose from a wide range of policy currencies & terms
The freedom to save periodically and systematically
Saving is simple and easy when it is done over time.
Access to global markets
Enjoy the opportunity to participate inglobal markets through individual funds or managed strategies.

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Disclaimer: Conditions Apply. The Insurance policy(s) are offered by renowned International and regional Insurance companies, All product features, benefits, returns are offered by the Insurance company and not by Mashreqbank psc. Mashreqbank psc shall not be responsible for Insurance providers actions or decisions nor shall Mashreqbank psc be liable regarding payment of claims or services under the policy/insurance contract.

Still got questions?

Kindly refer to the product key fact document to check on the details for the charges associated with the plan or the provider’s website

Yes, you have the option to switch within your funds. Kindly refer to your policy document for further details.

The proceeds will be passed on to your beneficiary as per your records on completion of necessary formalities. Kindly refer to policy document for more details.

The maturity proceeds can be transferred to your country of residence upon receiving the signed request forms from you.

Yes, after you have paid your premium for a certain period you can opt for a premium holiday feature with a written request to the insurance company. You can resume your premium payment after this break. T&Cs apply

Your policy benefits continue depending on the account value and it is recommended to do your portfolio review on a regular basis.

No, the rates are assumptive and the actual performance could vary depending on the fund choices selected by you. Kindly refer to the policy document for details.

Yes, a certain percentage can be withdrawn of your account value. Please refer to the policy document for further details.

Calculate your savings needs.

Use our insurance calculators to plan for your financial protection, and your peace of mind

Savings Plan

Education plan

Years to go to College


Years of study


Estimated Education Fees

Annual cost




Total Cost


Total with Inflation


Monthly contribution

* The higher education cost mentioned is based on current average tuition fees only and can vary based on the university/college and number of years.

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