Slice Loan

It’s simple to apply!

Up to 70% savings

In Interest Payments

Easy repayment

As per Tranche disbursal

Simple documentation

& easy application

Save up to 70% in interest payments with a Slice Loan

Slice your Education or Rent Loan and save up to 70% interest. Apply for a Slice Loan and we will have the tranche disbursal requirement fulfilled as per your request.
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Range of disbursal options
Equal tranche disbursal options of single, quarterly, every 4 or 6 months.
Flexible repayment
Repayment loan tenure of min. 3 months and up to max. 12 months.
Easy application
Simple documentation and application process.

The paperwork

Valid Passport with residence visa
Valid Emirates ID
Latest 3 months Bank Statements with salary credits
Employer Salary transfer letter as per Mashreq format OR Salary Cert. for Govt./ Semi Govt. employee


Minimum Monthly Salary
AED 7,000 (approved companies) & AED 10,000 (unapproved companies).
Company Approval Status
Not mandatory to be employed by an approved company for eligibility.
Employment Term
Minimum 6 months length of service or 'confirmed' with current employer


Terms & Conditions of Personal Loans
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Terms & Conditions of Credit Life
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Key Facts Statement
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Did you Know

"Mashreq Slice Loan" is a Personal Loan facility offered to customers who want to avail an Education or Rent Loan payable in tranches.

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You can split a loan of AED 100,000 in up to 4 slices of AED 25,000 each and decide the tranche disbursal dates. At an interest rate of 6.99% p.a. you will end up paying only AED 1,088 in total interest with a Mashreq Slice loan versus AED 3,827 with a regular loan over 12 months.

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An applicable 1% Processing Fee and 1.25% Insurance Fee will apply while obtaining an Education or Rent Loan.

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No, this offer is only valid on fresh Personal Loans and will not be applicable on a Top-up application.

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You have tranche disbursal options i.e. single or quarterly or every 4 months, or every 6 months.

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You may have a minimum of 3 months and a maximum 12 months loan tenure.

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This is available under conventional loan only.

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You may have a minimum loan amount of AED 15,000.

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Yes, existing account holders with Mashreq and with no active Personal Loan can apply under this programme.

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There are no postponements or Top up allowed under this programme.

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