Top Up Loan

Top up easily

Simple documentation

& application process

Up to 90 days

1st EMI deferral period

Within 24 hours

Fast loan disbursal

The perfect loan when you need it

In need of a little extra to cover sudden fund requirements? Opt for Mashreq’s Top Up Loan and simply extend your borrowing limit on an existing loan easily.
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Simple documentation
Applying is easy. You can expect your loan disbursal in just 24 hours.
Secure yourself
The amount you borrow is based on what you can realistically afford to repay.
Only a single loan to settle
The Top Up Loan extends your borrowing limit on your existing loan.

The paperwok

Valid Passport with residence visa
Valid Emirates ID
Any income changes since loan application require a new Salary Certificate
A security cheque with the requested loan amount


Minimum Monthly Salary
AED 7,000 for Approved Co. & AED 10,000 for Unapproved Co.
Company Approval Status
Your employer must be on the approved list of companies with Mashreq
Salary Transfer
Your salary should be transferred to Mashreq (if not already)

Did You Know

  • Your top up loan amount can go up to 20 times your salary
  • The maximum loan amount can go up to AED 1,000,000 for Expatriate
  • Your loan installment, along with your overall monthly installments must stay below 50% of your salary
  • If you have a salary increment, receive company benefits such as accommodation or own a separate form of extra variable income - then your eligibility may be increased
  • Your loan tenor can go up to a maximum of 48 months

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The assessment process is quick and simple. As you're an existing customer, the approval process for a Top Up Loan is fast, because we already have your information on file. Your eligibility to qualify is based on the following:
  • Minimum monthly salary requirement starting AED 7,000 for Approved Companies & AED 10,000 for Unapproved Companies.
  • Salary needs to be transferred to Mashreq
  • The loan installment along with the overall regular monthly installments should not exceed 50% of the monthly salary.
  • Your salary should be transferred to Mashreq (if not already
  • Terms and conditions apply

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If your income has changed since applying for your current loan and you would like your eligibility to be reconsidered, then you are required to provide a New Salary Certificate Beyond that, you will need:
  • A security cheque with the requested loan amount
  • A completed top up loan application form (we provide you with the incomplete version first)
  • A copy of your passport & valid residence
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • *Valid Passport & residence visa is only required if the copy you provided to get your existing loan with us has expired

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You may currently have an active loan from Mashreq. A top up loan is used to extend your current borrowed amount. This also extends the repayment period for both loans (the original + your top up) to a single date.

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There are two simple ways to apply for a Top Up Loan from Mashreq.
  1. Call us on +971 4 4244444
  2. Click Apply Now and give us the details of your application via the quick online form.
  3. You are not committed to anything by calling us for a chat. We're happy to talk you through your options and answer any questions

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