Research & Publications

The fast-paced and ever-changing nature of financial markets makes it essential to capture salient market dynamics and plot their relation to the real economy.

Our research emphasizes on identifying the long term trends as well as the potential investment opportunities which may arise due to short term market movements.

Our periodic publications and newsletters, articulate our market observations & analysis, that validate and support investment decisions.

Daily updates

Fixed Income daily presents you with up to date events and key securities' prices in the international and regional credit market...

Weekly Market Reviews

These weekly snippets give you a summarized round up of the latest market impacting news in chart form...


Our investment team who watch the market movements closely, generate regular event specific/analytical reports which enables you to take informed investment decisions...

Property Wealth Gauge

This monthly report, lets you quickly sense the pulse of the regional realty space thereby adding value to your investment decisions in the property market...

US Presidential Election 2016 Report

US Presidential Election 2016 Report