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*The higher education cost mentioned is based on current average tuition fees only and can vary based on the university/college and number of years.

Helping you plan for your child's future

From their first day at school through to graduation and beyond, the most valuable gift you can give your child is a quality education. An investment in your child’s education can help realize their full potential, providing a legacy for their personal development and growth.

Understand the costs

Whether you are planning to start a family or you are already a parent, it’s important to have a holistic view of the costs associated with a quality education. Realistically, tuition fees are likely to rise as your child progresses through school, and by the time your child reaches university, the fees are significantly higher. A recent report from Zurich International Life has found that it could cost up to AED 1 million for the education of one child – from pre-school to university.

Start saving early

Don’t worry. You really don’t need to do anything drastic to fund your child’s education. By simply planning early and maintaining a disciplined long-term saving approach, you can achieve your education goals for your child.