About Us

Drawing from the illustrious legacy of Mashreq that spans five decades, and multiple locations across the globe, we are powering the future of banking using the latest technologies in data, software, intelligence and robotics.

Who we are

Mashreq Global Services (MGS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai-headquartered Mashreqbank psc, the oldest private bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

MGS was formerly known as NextEdge, a company established in 2005 to provide exclusive technology services to Mashreq. Since inception, we have grown steadily to become a strategic contributor to the bank’s ongoing growth, and also, to its future prowess and success.
Today, we serve as the bank’s global hub dedicated to building various capabilities that address evolving everyday needs, and the future of multiple operations across geographies. We also enhance Mashreq’s ability to comply with regulatory requirements, strengthen controls, reduce operating costs, and safeguard millions of customers.

As a centre of innovation and excellence for Mashreq, MGS is committed to improving quality, stability, scalability, and sustainability based on international industry best practices. 

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What we do

Lying at the very heart of Mashreq’s international operations, MGS has a key role in creating, running, and delivering solutions that fulfil multiple roles in the banking universe, broadly classified as:

  • Managing banking and technology operations
  • Developing software, solutions and applications
  • Reinforcing safety and security across all operations
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Introducing automation to reduce workload and costs
  • Implementing strategic change
  • Leading with innovative solutions and services

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Corporate Charter

Mashreq’s vision, mission and values guide the way we conduct ourselves


To aid and assist Mashreq to become the most progressive bank in the Middle East, by enabling innovative possibilities for clients, colleagues and communities.


  • Delivering superior service
  • Actively contributing to responsible banking
  • Leading with innovation
  • Treating colleagues with dignity and fairness
  • Pursuing opportunities that grow value

Our values have been articulated to reflect the true SPIRITof Mashreq: 

  • Socially Responsible
  • Passionate about Clients
  • Innovative
  • Respect for Colleagues
  • Integrity
  • Transparent