How We Work

As our teams drive Mashreq’s digitisation agenda across multiple domains – social, mobile, analytics, cloud computing, automation and artificial intelligence – we seek meaningful partnerships and opportunities to enhance our journey.

Partners and associates

We collaborate alongside a large body of industry partners that range in scale and size – from small start-ups with promise to multinational giants that have established their prowess – on wide-ranging activities.

While providing highly sophisticated and complex support and advisory capabilities to Mashreq’s operations around the world, we welcome new affiliations and associations that can prove to be mutually beneficial.

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Building bridges

Technology lies at the heart of our growth strategy, and all our efforts form a single tactical step towards enabling Mashreq to be a leading, digitally savvy contemporary bank that always places the customer first. We harness exemplary design, delivery and development to meet the bank’s vision and business objectives.

We are receptive to both, the best minds and best-in-market solutions and services, that can help us redefine banking for the future.

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