Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since its earliest days, Mashreq has been championing the welfare of people, contributing to the well-being of society, and actively participating in events involving the communities surrounding its offices and operations.

In 1967, when the bank was established, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was neither a business strategy nor the buzz-word it has become today, and yet, the founders and the first few teams reached out and touched the lives of numerous individuals and institutions with their gestures of charity, philanthropy and responsibility.

These traditions gradually evolved into streamlined and sustainable processes and practices which now define our current CSR strategy.  Over the last five decades, Mashreq has initiated and implemented numerous socially and environmentally responsible actions, many of which help change lives, lifestyles and livelihoods. 

At MGS, we emulate this by reaching out to the needy, under-served, deprived or deserving sections of society, through a wide variety of activities that are initiated at both, individual and institutional levels.

Among our many recent activities are fund raising, fulfilling needs, teaching and volunteering: 

Akshaya Patra Foundation

A cross section of employees raised funds and volunteered their personal time, for a charitable organisation that provides free, nutritious meals in schools and day care centres across India

Divine Light Trust for the Blind

Select employees raised funds for a non-governmental organisation to enable them to serve hot and healthy meals to 80 vision-impaired students for 5 days

Government Higher Primary School, Kundalahalli

30 employees volunteered their time and talent in teaching at a local government-run school for 15 consecutive days to compensate for a shortage of teachers. Besides taking up language and subject classes, they also helped the students with maintaining their text and note books.

As part of ongoing CSR efforts, staff members often raise funds to donate notebooks and stationery to the students, and host engagement activities that include games and contests.


Employees took up the initiative to raise adequate funds to fulfil the wishes of 50 children residing at a local orphanage. The team collected money, purchased gifts, and presented it to the children as part of this activity. 

Outreach to office staff

Many employees contribute to an informal and ongoing monthly fund that aims to subsidise travel expenses for the housekeeping staff and office boys associated with our premises. All individual donations are collected in a kitty and distributed fairly to help them cover the cost of their monthly bus passes.