Spread over 45,000 square feet of space at Bangalore’s Whitefield neighbourhood, our state-of-the-art centre delivers exceptional support and services for Mashreq’s corporate, retail, business, and investment banking and all its non-banking units.  

Technology Services

Technology serves as the ‘run backbone’ of the bank and plays a vital role in ensuring that day-to-day operations function smoothly, and that our customers can do banking safely and seamlessly around the globe.

The Technology Services unit provides all core and essential technologies such as the managing of midrange and mainframe platforms, middleware components, database services, global networks, preventive and proactive monitoring tools, and market data services.

Led by a team of IT and business experts who build and run robust, innovative systems to provide holistic experiences, Technology Services is well positioned to serve Mashreq’s many global locations. This includes supporting applications along with underlying infrastructure, and the coordination of problems and change management across geographies.

  • Infrastructure and security engineering
  • Project management
  • Global test management
  • Desktop asset management
  • Data centre management
  • Security operations
  • Monitoring and assessment  
  • Incident resolutions
  • Agile and LEAN rollouts


Our Analytics team is the idea factory that gives us comprehensive and timely understanding of facts and insights that affect our customer engagement & financial performance. This helps us plan ahead – to drive revenue, mitigate risks, and control costs.

The Analytics team enables the bank to respond more decisively to changing market dynamics by analysing numerous scenarios simultaneously: they can uncover unexpected insights, find answers to complex problems, and quickly identify new and more efficient action by exploring data.

With in-depth knowledge of every aspect of our business, our competitors, and our customers, their role is to react quickly to market movements and supply us with the most updated information. They also provide trends, patterns, and hidden insights from unstructured data sources to capture new opportunities and enhance customer service.

  • All aspects of the analytics value chain: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive
  • Leveraging structured and un-structured data analysis through conventional and open-source tools
  • Balanced application of classical and modern analytical techniques

Information Security

The evolution of digitalisation and the increasing demand for compliance to address privacy, security and cyber-related risk jointly emphasise the great need for a robust technology risk and governance framework.  

The Information Security team at Mashreq is responsible for managing the technology risk framework for the bank, and for ensuring that it implements all necessary controls to maintain a low-risk appetite for non-compliance, technology related failures and cyber related impacts.

With highly qualified and experienced security professionals on board, Info Sec utilises the latest technologies and monitoring capabilities to ensure that world-class service and international standards are adopted and maintained at all times.

  • Security awareness
  • Security governance
  • Technology risk management
  • Security testing and vulnerability management
  • Security compliance
  • 24x7 cybersecurity monitoring and incident management


Mashreq’s constant and ceaseless focus on innovation has earned it many international, industry recognised accolades in first-to-market innovations, technology implementations, and in internet, mobile, and app banking. It is an ongoing mission to develop, build and deliver the world-class solutions our customers deserve, need and want, and we have a great responsibility to deliver it.

With proposals originating regularly from various parts of the bank, the Innovations team serves as a listening post for all new ideas, a vehicle to expand on the most promising ones, and a lab to test feasibility in a technology-led environment. The team also facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas across Mashreq’s many businesses and geographies.

The way we deliver change is just as important as the products we are developing, and thereby, we have created an environment where our colleagues around the world can experiment, design and implement changes rapidly, in response to emerging needs.  Our project teams are also Agile, helping us innovate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Governance, Risk and Controls

The Governance, Risk and Controls team has established the framework necessary for the effective monitoring, reporting and review of operational risks including IT governance and IT risk.

The team is tasked with multiple tasks – reviewing processes and procedures, baselines and standards, and Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA); undertaking periodic reviews of units within the Operations and Technology vertical; coordinating various regulatory compliance requirements; establishing rigorous review of transitory internal accounts; providing root cause analyses of operational incidents, and ensuring that vendor engagements are closely monitored with a view to mitigating the operational risk profile of the bank.

With a blended team of onshore and offshore resources, the unit also provides members of Mashreq’s senior management with independent and timely assessments and assurance of the governance, risks and associated controls environment, and areas for action thereof.

  • Operations controls
  • Technology controls
  • Review of control design and control effectiveness
  • Business continuity planning and management
  • Audit support (internal and external)
  • Internal accounts reviews
  • Periodic thematic reviews
  • Regulatory compliance

Banking Operations

The Banking Operations teams supports and oversees all aspects of operations in three distinct areas.

In Retail, the team handles new acquisitions for all products, acquiring and issuing of credit cards, credit underwriting, mortgages, private bank and wealth management, Bancassurance and SME lending operations, alongside relevant CC and PL and CDD/AML checks.

Under Corporate and Wholesale, the teams supports a wide variety of functions related to trade finance, cash management, new customer onboarding, credit control and administration, trust account operations, and customer service management.

In Payments, which covers all clearing and payments functions for the bank, their remit covers local and foreign currencies, local participation in clearing, cheque collections, direct debit services, issuance of drafts, and screening foreign currency payments from sanctions and AML perspectives.

This unit is also the central point of contact for all government related services like central banks, courts and police authorities.

Business Technology

To drive innovation and adoption of leading technologies that support the bank’s strategy of global expansion and introduction of new products and services, while improving engagement with clients, colleagues and communities.

Strategy Levers:

Customer Experience
Accessibility | Self Service | Quality

Ideation | A.I. | FinTech

Business | Colleagues | Partners

Cloud | Virtualization | Agile

Regulatory | Internal | External

People & Process
Upskilling | Diversity | Lean

Business Technology is a key driver of innovation and providing technology enabled solutions to support Bank’s strategy and global expansion. Technology works as a back-bone of the bank and plays vital role in ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers, stakeholders and partners.

Technology supports all the Business Units across the bank and across the locations.

Lead by the techno-experts and Subject Matter Experts, Business Technology ensures that the right solutions/products are delivered to the bank. With its Agility, Customer focus attitude, right governance and skilled people, it drives innovation which makes Mashreq one of the fastest adapter of the new edge technology solutions.

Intelligent process Automation

IPA Team specialized in the area of Digital Transformation technologies like Business Process Management, Robotics Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, OCR and Chatbot. Our goal is to introduce the digital workforce in the business to improve efficiency, productivity, reducing error, optimizing existing Business Process and provide more value to customers.

IPA team offers various services like Due-diligence, CoE, tools selection, Implementation, Upgrade, Support and Testing services for Retail, and Corporate banking operations across various technology platforms. Our major stakeholders are Retail Ops, Retail DBC, Corporate OPS, Middle Office, Payment Ops, Treasury OPS, IBG and AFCG

Ably supported by technology experts and competent workforce. Our flagship projects are

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Customer on-boarding (KYC)
  • CASA Account Opening, Maintenance
  • Trade Solutions – Filflan
  • Police Letter Generation
  • Cheque – Inward / Outward clearing
  • Extended Due-diligence
  • Derivatives / FX Settlement


We provide 24x7x365 technology support to thousands of Mashreq employees who are physically located at branches and offices around the world, and work in the fields of retail, corporate and investment banking; life and non-life insurance, Islamic banking and asset management.

  • 4,000+ employees
  • 220 ATMs
  • 75 branches
  • 12 countries