Mashreq - A Great Workplace

What does 'impossible' mean to you? Is it something to accept, or to challenge? At Mashreq, the word impossible doesn’t exist, because here, the extraordinary happens every day.

If you’re ready to challenge the norm, we have a place for you in our great workplace.

As a fast-growing company with a visionary roadmap for the future, we are always looking for new talent that can add value to our teams


We foster an open and friendly environment and provide numerous opportunities for the members of our teams to grow – both horizontally and vertically – across a broad spectrum of operations.

MGS is an equal opportunities employer, and we make every effort to provide a simulating work setting that balances challenges with growth, and learning opportunities with fun times. Our operations are directed by a strong leadership team, and Mashreq’s 50-year old vision, mission and values guide the way we conduct ourselves.

Inside our offices, communication and collaboration are the norm, and teams interact with each other regularly – to discuss new ideas, to accept fresh challenges, and to bring tasks to fruition.

All employees are empowered to assume responsibilities early in their career, and there are ample opportunities for new candidates to take on new leadership roles, learn new ways of doing business, and acquire in-depth industry expertise. Our fast pace of growth also requires everyone to constantly upgrade skills and knowledge, and we provide the tools, training and mentoring that are necessary to meet these workplace demands.

If the thought of working in assorted areas of technological innovation motivates you, we may be able to offer you bright prospects. 


We are committed to ensure that the compensation and benefits package accorded to all our employees are highly competitive by established industry standards. Besides comprehensive, market-competitive pay and benefits, we also have various plans and programmes that are designed to enhance the work-life balance and foster financial security for the future. 

We provide the tools, training and necessary assistance to help all members of our team manage their careers and embark on their personal journeys of continuous learning and constant growth. We also actively encourage everyone to develop themselves, and in the process, help others grow.


We are always interested in motivated graduates and experienced professionals who can help us realise our growth plans. Concurrently, we do our best to ensure that we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions

As a result, we look for people who are dependable, are open to different ideas, have a keen sense of interest in learning and developing themselves, and enjoy working together as part of teams.

In return, we will help develop your skills through structured programmes, regular training and on-the-job experiences that will help fulfil your potential – and your ambition.