Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a positive impact

The goal of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to embrace responsibility for the company's actions. This involves making a positive impact on the enviroment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and members of public.

Since inception, Mashreq has promoted activities that give back to the community. Across all its regional offices in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait or Egypt, Mashreq prides itself on the role it plays in positively impacting on the world around it through socially responsible activities. Our CSR philosophy reflect this and defines Mashreq CSR as "the integration of stakeholders' and customer's society, community and environment into a company's business operations."

At Mashreq, we strive to realise a sustainable model and this is reflected in our efforts to preserve the environment, development of corporate governance, support for philanthropy and our commitment to promoting the right to education across all stratas of society.

Mashreq is committed to preserving the environment, supporting philanthropy and promoting the right to education.

Over the years, we have played an active role in many aspects of the community. These include education, sports, arts and culture and humanitarian activities which have given us invaluable insights into social and humanitarian issues.

Mashreq’s CSR programme was officially launched in June 2011, managed by the CSR & Internal Communications Unit within the bank, supported by Emiratisation HR Unit & UAE National Learning & Development Unit member. Since then we have been an active member in nationwide annual days such as the ‘International Give and Gain Day’ and ‘UAE Humanitarian Day’ to name a few."

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